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Why Choose Canada Duct Cleaning

Commercial Duct Cleaning With Client

Our commercial duct cleaning technicians in Lethbridge are specifically trained to clean commercial HVAC systems. They have cleaned every type and shape of duct-work available in Canada.

Many large companies choose Canada Duct Cleaning. Commercial facilities must be particularly careful when selecting duct cleaners as the network of some systems can be damaged by inexperienced duct cleaners. We are the duct cleaners of choice for our professionalism, experience, and value.

Why Commercial HVAC Systems Need Cleaning

An excellent breeding ground for hundreds of micro-sized bacteria is inside a building’s duct-work. The HVAC system distributes most of it into the air. Older buildings may have outdated ventilation, while newer buildings are airtight, which helps reduce heat loss, but is not favorable in keeping indoor air fresh. The solution to these potential problems include proper attention to the building’s HVAC system, specifically the ducts. Good ventilation systems paired with proper maintenance and cleaning will create clean breathing air and reduce productivity loss and sickness.

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